The Les Young Lifelong Voyage Award

Dateline May 10, 2024 Monarch Event Fund 5K Fundraiser – Honoring Everett “Les” Young

The Monarch Event Fund is proud to present its annual 5K Fundraiser, a pivotal event that not only promotes health and cancer recovery but also now celebrates the enduring spirit of Everett “Les” Young of Hutchinson, MN. In tribute to Les’s legacy, we are excited to introduce the “Les Young Signature Award.” This distinguished accolade will be presented to the runner whose age-adjusted finish time demonstrates the highest achievement in lifelong improvement, mirroring Les’s commitment to consistency, learning, and fostering community engagement.

About Everett “Les” Young, Jr.

Everett Leslie Young, Jr., always known as Les, was a beacon of perseverance, education, and personal growth in service to the community. Born in Gaylord, Minnesota, and raised on a farm, Les’s early life was steeped in the values of hard work and dedication. A country boy at heart, he attended a one-room school in Sibley County before moving to New Ulm for high school, though summers were always spent working the land.

Les’s journey of self-improvement and education led him to the University of Minnesota, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering. His college years were marked by deep friendships formed in the Delta Chi fraternity house, with fellow engineering students who would become lifelong companions. It was during this transformative period that Les met Joyce Ann Kurth, a student in the dental hygiene program. Their union in 1962 marked the beginning of a life filled with love, family, and community.

The Young family eventually settled in Hutchinson, on a ten-acre plot they fondly named the Square-X Ranch. Here, Les balanced his career at 3M — progressing from engineer to product manager — with his passion for farming and community service. His work took him around the globe, yet he remained deeply rooted in his local community, actively engaging in Peace Lutheran Church and various faith-based community services.

Les’s retirement years were enriched by time spent with family, especially his grandchildren, at their northern Minnesota lake place. An avid runner, watercolor art enthusiast, guitar music lover, and progressive thinker on land conservation and farming, Les’s life was a testament to the power of continual learning and growth.

The Les Young Signature Award

Co-created by Les’s son, Christian C. Young, PhD, and longtime family friend and Les Young enthusiast, John Alchemy, MD, the Les Young Signature Award is an homage to Les’s vision and way of life. It symbolizes the importance of striving for personal betterment while contributing to the community’s welfare. This award encapsulates the essence of Les Young’s life — a journey marked by relentless improvement, unwavering support for others, and a profound commitment to lifelong learning.

Through this award, the Monarch Event Fund 5K Fundraiser not only honors an extraordinary individual but also inspires participants to embody the virtues that Les Young exemplified throughout his remarkable life.

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