About Brian

Brian McCoy met his wife Rene McCoy while on a tennis vacation at Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin, and he fell in love with her right away.

He grew up reluctant to wear shoes, spending time with his six siblings, and always wanting to be outside playing sports. Even though he didn’t get into tennis until he was a high school student after finding a random tennis racquet in his garage, he has spent his career as a tennis coach.

Rene and Brian’s shared passion for educating others made them both a role model for kids in the neighborhood. Rene loved running and being outdoors as well, which fit perfectly with Brian’s favorite activities of coaching tennis and playing with their two boys.

Brian loves taking the weekend to go rock hunting with their sons and displaying their collection at home (which Rene frequently met with dismay, because she was always a lot more organized than Brian).

Brian is always a good listener, strategist, and mentor. He believes in helping others grow, especially children and young adults, and he is keeping Rene’s wish alive by funding research into cancer treatments and underlying factors of cancer so other families don’t have to be hurt like his.

The Rene and Brian McCoy Cancer Recovery Research Monarch Fund is an extension of his family’s lifelong commitment to helping others.