The Fund

Worldwide, there are about 19.3 million cancer cases reported annually— in 2020 alone, 10 million deaths due to cancer. These are harrowing numbers, and curbing them requires greater effort and research towards finding a cure.

You may have noticed the word ‘Monarch’ or the image of the butterfly with lavender ribbons our logo. The butterfly symbolizes renewal and hope, and that is exactly why we set up the Rene and Brian McCoy Cancer Recovery Research Monarch Fund - to inspire hope and encourage Hamline University students to help transform cancer research. Lavender ribbons represent support for all types of cancer.

This endowment was created to honor Rene McCoy’s last wishes. She wanted to help support undergraduate students at Hamline University who engage in collaborative cancer research with faculty in the sciences. Preference is given to projects related to cancer recovery or other medical innovations.

The Fund itself is a self-perpetuating endowment. It went live on the first of January, 2021 with an initial funding of $53,000, pooled from the contributions of a group of Rene and Brian McCoy’s friends. The fund becomes fully operational in Fall 2021.

This endowment is unique because 100% of the funds go directly to the student recipient, without any fees being diverted or deducted elsewhere. The fund is also unusual in that it is led by an advisory Hamline University science professor committee, which searches all year for the best and brightest from university STEM departments.

The aim is to raise $10-20K per year to support as many students as possible for summer research into cancer treatments and a cure at Hamline University.

And we can do this with your help!

You have the power to make a difference for Hamline students and millions of families. Make your charitable gift to help future families dealing with cancer today at