This endowment was created to honour Rene McCoy’s last wishes. The Rene and Brian McCoy Monarch Fund was founded to help support undergraduate students at Hamline University who engage in collaborative research with faculty in the sciences. Preference is given to projects related to cancer recovery or other medical innovations.

There are two ways to contribute:

  1. Via the website at

    Go to

    Select the amount you would like to donate.

    You can click one of the pre-filled options, such as $250:

Or you can type in a custom amount:

Set the “Designation” to “Other.” Scroll to the bottom of the menu to find the “Other” option.

After choosing “Other”, you will be asked where to direct your gift. Type in “McCoy Monarch Fund”.

Complete the rest of the form with your contact information and your affiliation.

Choose your payment method: “PayPal” or “Make A Gift.”

Hamline University will email you a confirmation. This can be used for tax purposes.

  1. Via a check made out to “Hamline University – McCoy Fund” and mailed to:
    Hamline University Development
    1536 Hewitt Avenue, MS-C1917
    Saint Paul, MN 55104

How Your Donation is Processed

The money you donate goes straight into the endowment fund. The money is added four times a year into the principle of the endowment. On an annual basis, the available spending from that fund is transferred into an operating account to be available for the sponsored students.

When you donate, you will receive a confirmation of your contribution via mail from Hamline University. Donors are also sent annual stewardship reports.

You have the power to make a difference for our students. Make your gift today at