John Alchemy MD Medical Corporation

John Alchemy MD Medical Corporation is a privately held California corporation based out of Santa Rosa California. It was founded by Dr. John Alchemy graduate of Hamlin University class of 1990. It serves as both a research corporation and active medical practice primarily for Worker’s Compensation and medical legal qualified medical evaluations. The corporation also provides impairment rating services for multiple businesses in California including insurance companies, medical practices attorneys and nurse case managers in the Worker’s Compensation industry. The corporation has a strong commitment to community service and education in the sciences and medical industries. Our goal is to create educational access to undergraduate students in areas of innovative medical sciences, physics and mathematics. 

The John Alchemy medical corporation has been active in multiple other endowments at Hamlin University including the Jerry Artz physics scholarship and the Ellis Wyatt ecological student scholarship.


RateFast is a California corporation technology company that develops tools for accuracy and research in Worker’s Compensation medical impairment reporting. The research includes computer technology, digital enhancement of injury determination, claim settlement assistance, in addition to supporting medical clinics and providers with innovative research and reporting platforms. RateFast works with The Monarch Fund, undergraduate educational institutions such as Hamline and students to help provide an optimal learning environment for tomorrow’s medical researchers, technology designers, innovators and physicians.