About Rene & Brian McCoy

The Rene and Brian McCoy Cancer Recovery Research Monarch Fund was born from a wish at the end of Rene McCoy’s battle with pancreatic cancer.​

That wish? To advocate for research that leads to improved cancer treatment options and uncovers factors that contribute to cancer.

Today, Rene’s husband Brian McCoy—and their friends—carry on her legacy by encouraging and funding undergraduate students at Hamline University to continue research for this disease that impacts millions of lives.

The two met at Telemark Resort in Cable, Wisconsin. They connected instantly, and according to Brian, they “set the house on fire, and everything else was history.”

Married for over 40 years and having raised two sons in Shoreview, Minnesota, they complemented each other in practically every facet of their lives. Brian was never much of a handyman, but Rene was always great with a tool. Brian was the social organizer, and Rene was the operations manager of the relationship, a perfect and unstoppable pairing.

They both loved the outdoors: Brian would take is young boys out to go rock hunting, and Renee loved gardening and nature. They were both active runners all their lives and loved to camp with their family. Both educators (Rene a special education teacher, and Brian a tennis coach), they led through hard work and encouragement.

Rene and Brian always hoped for a future where those committed to researching cancer treatments and the root cause of cancer had the means to continue their research. They saw first-hand the life-extending potential of innovative cancer treatments, as well as the limitations of even the newest clinical trials, and they wanted to provide a way to help even more families impacted by cancer.

By contributing to the Rene and Brian McCoy Cancer Recovery Research Monarch Fund, you can support students who are passionate about finding ways to prevent and treat cancer. Your donations will go to inspiring a new generation of students at Hamline University.